Katalin Prantner

Prantner Katalin

As a child, I wanted to be a hotel director. I was mostly motivated by the idea of offering people something special, something that would help them grow and make them feel better. Ultimately, with a degree in Economics and extensive practical and leadership experience in the hospitality industry under my belt, I ended up choosing a different path: consultancy. The two things do, however, have something in common: the opportunity to show people something exceptional, more specifically, what it is they are truly capable of. Approaching someone with a task or position they may never have considered on their own, recognizing talent and potential in people and then realizing they are not only successful but also enjoy what they do is a uniquely uplifting feeling.

In the course of the past 14 years, it has become my mission to show corporations that people represent an organization’s biggest asset and that it is worthwhile to invest in existing colleagues because, with appropriate motivation and commitment, they are capable of achieving outstanding results.

My goal is to support people in finding the tasks and activities in their professional and private lives that allow them to feel good and find success.