Executive Search

Finding the right person for the right position is one of the most important tasks in a corporation’s life. But what should we base our decisions on? Should we focus more on professional expertise or personality? Should a manager come from the competition, or should we strive to find someone with different experiences, who can bring new approaches and solutions? And, of course, what methods should we employ to most precisely forecast fit, work style, and performance?

This is the load we take off our clients’ shoulders by offering extensively researched recommendations, customized for each individual corporation. We work according to a pre-determined timeline along with special market research and recruitment methodology, allowing our clients to make decisions more effectively. The most important factor for us is to ensure selection is successful over the long-term, as this is what will ultimately define the corporation’s operations and development.


Whether the company performs better with a new manager or colleague is most often already determined at the time of selection. This is one of the reasons making our decisions with the right parameters in mind is highly relevant.

We often find that even though the labor market is rich in potential employees, this oversupply is not apparent when we are searching for the perfect person. There are a growing number of factors to take into account apart from adequate professional expertise.

Studies prove that success and efficiency are most significantly linked to employees’ and managers’ skills and competencies, which are exactly what we make measurable and comparable for our clients. Theoretical knowledge and professional expertise are the starting point. In addition, the following four factors are indispensable for successful selection:

  1. a creative and novel strategy
  2. precisely implemented market research
  3. appropriate evaluation methodology
  4. fair representation of the client and the candidates during negotiations, to ensure collaborations are both enduring and successful

We audit and measure our processes with these in mind – ensuring that we identify the person most suitable to achieve the set goals, who has the potential to lead the given division, project, or even the entire company to top performance and success.


It all begins with the understanding of the objectives of the corporation or specific team, and the formulation of a corresponding search strategy. We place particular emphasis on this phase, as we know how indispensable it is for achieving best results. We employ innovative approaches that inspire our clients to participate in the brainstorming and support the creation of an entirely comprehensive, detailed implementation plan and candidate profile.

One of the most important added values we bring to the table is that the solutions we recommend are tailored specifically to the needs and circumstances of each individual client. During our work, we focus mainly on the skills and competencies that are the most obvious factors of successful operations: motivation, disposition, work attitude, leadership, and interpersonal skills. These also represent the basis for our selection of methodological tools – special interview techniques, personality, aptitude, and motivation assessment tests – as well as the criteria and methods of competency evaluation.

Our goal is for decision makers to make decisions that improve the effectiveness of their company or team. In order to achieve this objective, we present alternative solutions, interpret and quantify the potential outcomes of each scenario, and support the implementation of the decision.

We are proud to have collaborated successfully with nearly 200 local and international corporations and over 10,000 candidates from a variety of sectors and areas of expertise during the past two decades.