Management Audit, Competency Evaluation

Have you, as a manager, come across situations during your professional career in which you felt that you were working alongside great people, yet this wasn’t reflected in the results and performance to the extent you would have wished?

The objective of competency evaluations and management audit is to drive employees and managers to become more motivated and conscientious. We explore existing knowledge, competencies, and development opportunities, then work together to identify the core elements to reinforce and foster in order to move participants towards real improvement in terms of productivity and efficiency.


We all have hidden skills and abilities, which if brought to the surface and used appropriately, can allow us to achieve more. These are what we are looking for!

We identify managers’ and employees’ strengths, underdeveloped competencies, motivational background and individual goals. Experience shows that the necessary knowledge is usually already present within most organizations; it is simply “waiting” to be unearthed.

We create an environment and situation in which employees can honestly share their individual thoughts and ideas regarding the operation of the firm, the division, or the team. This approach inspires fantastic ideas, strategies, and solutions. We collect and evaluate everything shared during these sessions and create a concept we then implement, together with our clients, transforming the idea of change into a real action plan.

If necessary, we make recommendations for the reorganization of specific divisions or the restructuring of task allocation. It is also possible that certain colleagues ultimately receive new opportunities or responsibilities or even transfer to other divisions. In many cases, this is how long-sought and missing positions are resolved internally.

Beyond the organizational level, we also compile individual development programs in order to drive each and every team member to perform better, achieve more, and plan their own career paths and opportunities.


We conduct complete competency evaluations on managers and employees, applying special interview techniques as well as personality, aptitude, and motivation assessment tests. Additionally, we evaluate the relationships between employees and teams through individual and group tasks in order to compile the most comprehensive overview of the organization possible.

This procedure allows for the clear identification of strengths as well as of areas in need of further development, on both the individual and organizational level.
Participants receive personalized feedback on the results of the evaluation, which we follow up by defining customized development plans for each individual, including specific steps and methodological tools. This is the basis for individual improvement and self-renewal – and, as all steps can be implemented immediately, results begin to surface within months.
The goal is to drive employees to manage their tasks, the achievement of their goals, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships more efficiently.

For members of management, we also compile comprehensive individual and divisional overviews of evaluation results, opportunities and recommendations.
Our experience is that competency evaluations make team members more open and more committed, rendering them internally driven to improve and renew.