We believe that managers are capable of much more in terms of recruitment than what is usually expected today. We know improving an individual’s skills related to this activity is possible. If all the knowledge and expertise necessary for professional recruitment are present, both team builders and candidates will enjoy the process and come out satisfied as well as successful.

If we want to recruit effectively and efficiently, posting advertisements and interviewing applicants is no longer enough. It is a waste of valuable time and resources, as the best candidates simply cannot be reached this way – failure is inevitable. In order to avoid this, it is essential to be very clear and conscious about exactly who we are looking for, where that person can be found, how to make ourselves and the job attractive and how to ensure the selected candidate ends up wanting to join your team.


Have you ever considered how many recruitment opportunities are lost due to a lack of “chemistry?” Most of the time, managers can’t even pinpoint exactly what was missing. Perhaps they fault luck, or the candidate’s personality, or the competition for their failure to convince the best salesperson to join the team.

We believe that the process begins with the manager. He or she must be molded into a kind of charismatic personality the very best ultimately want to work with:

  • someone candidates contact willingly
  • someone widely recommended by word of mouth
  • someone in constant contact with potential candidates
  • someone their colleagues trust and like


We must have an adequate headcount, more salespeople, the very best, of course, who know how to make a sale and who are tenacious enough. Network managers have increasingly been coming across these management expectations in recent years.

Recruiters, at the same time, have been confronting their managers with the fact that there is a lack of appropriate candidates and that it is becoming harder and harder to find the right people for sales roles.
Indeed, these days, it takes a recruitment process managed with exceptional care to achieve potential for real results.

Managers are mostly cut from the same cloth. We developed our training program for the ones who want to stand out, because they recognize that candidates today don’t simply pick a company for the favorable financial conditions offered – but instead, select a manager to work for.

Many people think charisma can’t be developed. We employ a self-developed methodology to prove that this is a skill that can, in fact, be coaxed out of most managers. This technique will help them create a foundation of trust, no matter who they speak with. This is what will make their personality and presence a true asset for the entire company.


The Lovecruitment training program and development concept offers a comprehensive solution not only for sourcing itself, but also for all-around successful operations.
We guide participants through the entire process, created based on the latest trends, and apply each step in practice, from identifying and approaching candidates through the first personal meetings, winning over the prospective new colleague and evoking commitment, all the way to making the offer, onboarding and achieving success. In addition, the program enters network managers’ recruitment activities into a system that offers them and their managers a precise weekly update on the status of each process and further actions to be taken.